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Dr. Sanjeev Maheta with Tanzanian Patient.

Patient Name: Eunice Mabogo
Age: 46 yrs female

Embracing her 5 children, Eunice Mabogo could not contain her tears. A failed operation on her brain aneurysm in Nairobi had robbed her of the hope that she would meet her kids alive again. Until the Tanzanian was admitted by Team of The Meditour at the city hospital where doctors performed a successful procedure on her.

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Endovascular surgery made possible with the support of leading medical tourism company 'The Meditour', to treat Eunice's brain aneurysm that was too complicated for doctors in Nairobi to handle
Last July, Eunice began to suffer from severe headaches. Doctors found a ruptured brain aneurysm. They prepared for open brain surgery. During operation, they realized that the surgery was too complicated for them to handle. The doctors stitched her back and decided to call a team of doctors from the US to treat her. The 46-year-old women, who worked with the Bank, began to experience blackouts and memory loss.

"Someone recommended The Meditour – medical tourism organization working in Ahmedabad, India. I sent my medical data for them to review and suggest line of treatment. They replied back in less than 48 hours with four options for me to select. All doctors who sent their opinion advised for surgery.                - says, patient - Eunice"

Doctors at city Hospital, performed successful treatment on January 14. Doctors put a stent through her back, and filled the aneurysm with coils to stop the blood from entering the sac.

Eunice had to spend USD 8,500 on treatment here. It would have cost her about USD 55,000 to USD 60,000 if the surgery was done abroad, says Dr Mehta, The Meditour.

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Total Knee Joint Replacement Surgery.

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